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1, Range of work: φ15.6-φ400 

2, Quality Control

1.All the materials are purchased from the domestic brands or Eurpean  twin-screw specialty materials suppliers,which tested by elemental analysis and metallurgical inspections to ensure the quality.
2.The internal splines is checked by the spline plug to ensure interchangeability of the elements.
3.All components are machined by CNC machines to ensure the shapes and tolerances of the elements.
4.Adopt the European high-speed steel powder processing technology,and do the treatment according to the strict heat treatment process to ensure the wear and corrosion performance same as the foreigh brands.
5.Perfessioal technical team can not only provide timely and accurate mapping sample design but also the combination of elements of technical services.
6.There are various prepared technical information and the fitxtures for the various brands extruders to ensure the timely lead time.The common components have a lot of stock, even the new one, it can be delivered within 45days.
7.The modern management system ISO9001 2015 can ensure the products 100% qualified and tracked.
3.Heat treatment by Ourself
As we all know, heat treatment is very important in the screw production process. In order to ensure the quality of products,  Joiner has purchased professional heat treatment equipment to produce, so that we can control the construction process by ourselves.
(4)Production and Inspection of Equipment
All the processing procedures are made in-house. Joiner has 100 advanced equipments such as CNC thread grinder, CNC thread milling, CNC kneading block grinder, CNC forming forming milling, 4-axis machining center, automatic deep hole grinder, CNC lathe, CNC surface grinder, CNC external grinding, CNC band saw, laser marking machine, vacuum quenching furnace and vacuum tempering furnace. 
Production equipment
Inspection equipment:
(5) Our packaging
(6) Our team: We have above 100 employees, above 90% of them have 7 years experience in twin screw extrusion. 




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