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Cold rolling shaft

Cold rolling shaft

Involute spline mandrel 1. Structure: with cooling system/without cooling system 2. Size range: diameter 10mm-120mm Length 500mm-9000m 3. Material: 40CrNiMo is selected, and after special treatment, it adopts the form of involute spline. When used under high speed, high torque, and high load conditions, nitrogen-containing martensitic stainless steel WR15E and WR30 materials can also be used to give them good toughness and mechanical properties. The accuracy is strictly controlled during the processing process to ensure that the groove depth and groove distance of the mandrel are standard, the surface is smooth, tough and durable.


Product Details

Diameter range: Φ10-Φ300mm

Material: WR12

Applicable brands: Leistritz, JSW, Toshiba, Baker Perkins, SM Platek, Wenger, Clextral, Bühler and other well-known domestic and foreign extruder brands.

Spline type: DIN5480, JIS-B-1603, GB3478 involute spline, hexagonal key, flat keyway, semicircular key, rectangular key


High-quality steel imported from Europe is used, and metallographic testing and composition analysis of incoming materials are strictly carried out to ensure the same performance as the original parts.

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