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Dedicated to professional parallel twin-screw extruder auxiliaries and accessories


Joiner Machinery Co., Ltd


development process


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Having accumulated nearly 10 years of experience in the research, development and manufacturing of twin-screw extruder accessories, Joiner Machinery was officially established in 2007 with 10 employees. with 10 employees.



After years of accumulation, the company began to register import and export rights and participate in large-scale exhibitions in the industry, such as: CHINAPLAS, Joiner made great strides into the industry circle. The company has 35 employees, 4 in R&D and 4 in sales. Annual sales performance is 8-10 million.



Joiner cooperates with well-known domestic and foreign brand extruder manufacturers and end users. After two expansions of production, our manufacturing capabilities are in a leading position in the industry.



The company moved to a new factory in April 2020, with a total investment of nearly 40 million yuan to expand production and more than 160 processing equipment. Sales in 2022 will exceed 100 million yuan.



The cold rolling shaft processing equipment imported by our company from Europe fills the domestic gap and provides one-stop service for global customers.


Enterprise culture


spirit of enterprise

Our Vision

Committed to become a world-influential core extrusion parts R & D and production enterprises

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Our Spirit

dare to challenge

The spirit of innovation to explore

assiduously study

enterprising spirit of self-study and self-improvement

due diligence

down-to-earth professionalism

Gandang Ladder

Team spirit of common progress

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Our Mission

pursuit of technology


Service Pursuit


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Service Concept

improve product quality

Create enterprise value

Meet customer needs

Provide quality service

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Service Concept

Create value for society, seek benefits for employees, urgent customers, urgent customers, what customers think

Company advantage


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Processing range

Screw Element: diameter 15.6-500mm

Barrel: inner hole diameter 12-500mm

Shaft: diameter 10-300mm

Length: 500-14000mm


Urgent customer urgent, think customer think. Since its establishment, we have solved many problems in screw production for customers, and have won unanimous praise from customers at home and abroad. We have also accumulated a lot of experience and technical information. Whether it is domestic or foreign first-line brand hosts, the company has detailed technical information. And special tooling fixtures, can quickly provide spare parts services.

Production Management

Management on Joiner strict implementation of ISO9000 quality management system, all our products have traceability.


Our company currently has more than 160 employees. The company is strictly managed according to ISO9000 and has professional production, quality, technology and other functional departments, which can well ensure the smooth completion of products and make our products traceable.

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Production and inspection equipment

From raw materials back to the factory, all processes are completed in Joiner factory.
Production equipment:
Joiner has more than 150 sets of high-precision processing equipment such as vertical, horizontal, CNC machining center, several cars, spline milling, cold rolling shaft equipment, spline grinding, vertical numerical control broaching machine, numerical control cylindrical grinding, numerical control follow-up grinding, surface grinding, thread grinding, horizontal boring machine, numerical control gear shaper, honing machine, whirlwind milling, numerical control deep hole drill, automatic welding machine, vacuum quenching furnace, etc.
Inspection equipment:

Joiner has more than 30 precision inspection equipment such as metallographic analyzer, direct reading spectrometer, roughness meter, ultrasonic flaw detector, secondary element, gear detector, metal universal testing machine, impact test machine, laser scanner, three-coordinate measuring instrument, various metal hardness testers (Vickers, Brinell, Rockwell, Richter), altimeters, etc.

Processing technology

1. Heat treatment

As we all know, heat treatment is very critical in the screw production process. In order to ensure the quality of products, Joiner has purchased professional heat treatment equipment to produce, so as to control this key process by ourself.
2. The accuracy of the product
Finishing is carried out after the heat treatment, which can eliminate the deformation of the parts in the heat treatment, so that the accuracy is higher, so that seamless connection can be achieved.

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Honor qualification


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