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Puffed food thread components

Puffed food thread components

This screw is used in the puffed food industry


Product Details

Diameter range: Φ10-Φ500mm

Material: High-quality powder alloy steel, tool steel, special stainless steel, nickel-based/cobalt-based alloy, cemented carbide, etc. imported from Europe

Applicable brands: German, JSW, Toshiba, Baker Perkins, SM Platek, Wenger, Clextral, Bühler, BUSS well-known domestic and foreign extruder brands.

Classification of threaded parts: conveying elements, mixing elements, kneading blocks, conversion elements, special function elements, etc.


High-quality steel imported from Europe is used, and metallographic testing and composition analysis are strictly carried out on incoming materials.

Consistent performance with original accessories

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