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Threaded component

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Screw segments
Product parameters:
2018/04/27 16:50

Application model


- APV                    - Kobe                     - Theysohn

- Bühler                - Toshiba                 - Maris

- Buss                   - Berstorff                - USEON

- Clextral              - Labtech                 - Kurimoto

- OMC                       - Lantai

- JSW                    - Leistritz

- KEYA                  



Processing range:¢15.6-¢500mm



Threaded component type


Conveying element                                                        Mixing component

Kneading block and kneading piece                              Conversion element

Deep trough conveying element (SK)                             For side feed elements

Single, double and three threaded components            Special components at the customer's request

Processing characteristics and advantages


1. All component materials are supplied by domestic first-line brands or European double-screw press professional material suppliers, and elemental and metallographic analysis is carried out to ensure that raw materials are safe;

2. The internal spline is 100% checked with spline plug gauge to ensure the interchangeability of components;

3. All components are finished by hot CNC CNC grinding, the shape error is controlled within ±0.015, and the kneading block distance and sheet thickness tolerance are controlled within ±0.03.

The length tolerance is controlled within ±0.01, and the surface roughness of the shape is ≤ Ra0.8, which completely eliminates the influence of heat treatment deformation on the component quality;

4. Powder high-speed steel processed by European HIP process, and strictly in accordance with the heat treatment process of the other component, its wear resistance and corrosion resistance is equivalent to foreign first-line brands;

5. The professional technical team can not only provide timely and accurate sample mapping design, but also provide technical services in component combination;

6. Regardless of whether it is a domestic or foreign first-line brand host, the company has detailed technical information and special fixtures, which can provide spare parts service quickly; the common components are fully stocked, and the same day the order is shipped; the new product delivery time is Delivery within 45 days;

7. Perfect modern management system to ensure that customers receive 100% qualified products, and trace the quality of each component.