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Product description: According to the design appearance: closed barrel, combined barrel with side feeding port, barrel with exhaust port. Divided by bushing: integral barrel (without bushing) barrel with bushing. Diameter: 12-350mm Material: The company uses powdered high-speed steel processed by the imported HIP process, and adopts a precision CNC machined cylinder. Its precision and wear resistance and corrosion resistance are consistent with those of original foreign first-line brands. The price/performance ratio is much higher than similar products. Accuracy is strictly controlled during processing.



Product Details

Diameter range: inner hole Φ15-500mm

Material: High-quality powder alloy steel, tool steel, special stainless steel imported from Europe

Application fields: PP.PE.PS petrochemical granulation extrusion, halogen-free material extrusion, PVC material extrusion, TPE/TPU material extrusion, etc.


High-quality steel imported from Europe is used, and metallographic testing and composition analysis are strictly carried out on incoming materials.

Consistent performance with original accessories

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