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Special report on Jiangning Machinery Manager Training

The heavenly ceremony begins again, the spring light spreads over the mountains and seas; the years are renewed, and we love each other again side by side. In 2021, everyone worked together to fight against the storm, and the company achieved the set goals ahead of schedule. In 2022, we will strive to reach new heights. In order to make the company's internal management more scientific and standardized, so as to achieve the purpose of reducing costs and increasing efficiency, on March 1, the company The first internal training meeting since spring was held. The theme is: "Enterprise Management Summary", Mr. Wei, a senior enterprise management consultant, preached and answered questions for everyone.

In the training class, Mr. Wei explained to everyone the scientific management direction and ideas of managers in enterprise management, such as: meeting management, six major enterprise management systems, six key points of implementation, seven steps to improve work, etc., mainly explaining in detail Through this training, all managers in the company will be able to plan, arrange and implement work more scientifically and rationally in their future work, and gradually get rid of the "chaos without plans and panic without goals" Current status, thereby enabling all departments and positions to operate in an orderly manner, reducing manpower and time consumption, and allowing the company to make the most of its resources and people for efficient management.

The atmosphere throughout the training process was relatively active. Mr. Wei not only used a simple and easy-to-understand approach during the training, but also expressed the content of scientific management using corporate management cases he had seen and heard, so that the trainees could resonate to a certain extent and arouse everyone's interest in learning. The case was combined with reality, and everyone was asked to think about how to use the "six key points of promotion work" in the classroom. After the training, the students analyzed the key points of the promotion of their own positions based on what they learned.

This training met the initial requirements of the course and was well received by all students. Managers who participated in the training said they benefited a lot and it provided great help for their later management work.

On this excellent platform of the company, I hope that every manager will apply what they have learned in the future, and everyone will work together to lead their small teams through scientific and efficient management methods in their respective positions, exert their greatest potential, and become One of the company's brilliant development.